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Quality Control Process

Step 1 - Superior Ingredients In Clinical Doses:

ASR only uses optimum levels of key ingredients, in amounts that credible clinical trials confirm are needed for efficacy. Many companies add “window dressing” (i.e. small ineffective amounts) so they can include the ingredient in their marketing material. They do this despite knowing their customers will not get a benefit. We do not do this.

Step 2 - Use Top Nutraceutical and Natural Health Experts:

Product development is led by the founders who have a combined 14 years of experience delivering cutting-edge, highly effective formulas. In addition to being plugged into the latest breakthroughs, they also leverage top medical and natural health professionals in the space. The result is products and ingredients you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Step 3 - Ingredient Testing:

ASR only purchases raw ingredients that come with a certificate of analysis for potency and purity. Additional testing is then done during the manufacturing process. This means that every ingredient is guaranteed to be pure and potent.

Step 4 - GMP-Certified Facilities:

GMP Certification is a 3rd party certification program that includes inspection of manufacturing facilities. These inspections are designed to ensure products are produced and controlled according to quality safety standards. Our manufacturers stringently adhere to the USA Good Manufacturing Practices required for Dietary Supplement Manufacturing.

Step 5 - Additional Independent Testing:

Once a product has been manufactured, the vast majority of companies consider it ready for sale. However, we take things a step further by using top third-party, independent labs to double-blind test the finished product.